Best (Penn State) Graduation Portraits

Graduating from Penn State is a big deal and your graduation pictures need to reflect that. It is easy to fall into the trap of cliché pictures, so here are some ideas on how to keep your portraits fresh and unique!

Location is everything. Get your picture taken at places you hold dear on campus. Everybody gets a picture at the lion shrine and at old main. Where else can you get yours?

Consider getting your picture taken in front of a building that was integral to your major. For example, the millennium sciences complex looks pretty neat. 

Everybody has been to a football game. While it's hard to find a nice face of Beaver Stadium, maybe show your PSU pride with the large LED lion sign in the background.

Don't forget about downtown State College. If you've spent lots of time at your favorite bar, try getting a picture in front of it.

Finally, don't be afraid to get your picture taken in eccentric places like the library or creamery. Who cares what people think about you? You're graduating and you earned your pictures.

What's he looking at?

What's he looking at?

P.S. Timing is also everything. If you graduate this May, don't wait until April to schedule your portraits. You'll be waiting in lines for hours at all the staples. So, schedule your portraits sooner than later. After all, it is hard to determine the temperature when looking at a picture.